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Becoming a forex trader

Individuals and organisations may consider becoming a part-time or fully active forex trader to develop an additional income stream.  Increasingly, individuals are exploring foreign exchange trading as a way to earn profits.

Forex trading basics

Once deciding to become a forex trader, an understanding and knowledge of foreign exchange, and how to trade in international currencies should be developed.  Courses in forex trading, forex guru seminars, and forex books are all tools to learn the trade.  Practising through forex demonstration accounts helps novice traders gain confidence for the real deal.

A forex trader needs a fast internet facility, appropriate forex trading software, and a base from which to work.  Joining online trading networks or social trading communities enables new forex traders to learn from the experiences and strategies of fellow traders.

A trial demonstration account can easily be converted into a live forex trading account.  Maintaining records allows traders to monitor effective strategies and monitor their learning.

Forex trading regulation requirements

All forex dealers and brokers need to be licensed or authorised in the country where they operate.  Not registering for authorisation with the national financial regulatory firm can lead to unlawful practice and penalty.

Approved trading means that the provider applies quality control standards, risk management and conducts reporting for audit purposes.  Forex contract terms need to set up and abided by.  Forex providers also are required to maintain reasonable funds for meeting customer or client needs where applicable.

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